Welcome to NCPAC

The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition (NCPAC) was organized for the purpose of serving and protecting the collective interest of all professional appraisers in North Carolina. To this end, it will encourage professional appraisal practice and promote professional appraisal services by providing a number of services to its members, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Continued development and maintenance of a system for sharing information among its members through newsletters, Internet, personal contact, periodic group meetings, or other reasonably available means
  • Identifying and disseminating representative views of its appraiser members on matters of common interest, including but not limited to: changes in USPAP, changes in the NC Appraisers Act, changes in NCAB rules, and appointments to the NCAB
  • Representing the views of its appraiser members to the NC Legislature, to the NCAB, to federal appraisal oversight agencies, and to any other entity that affects professional appraisal practice in NC
  • Seeking and obtaining group discounts for goods and services typically used by appraisers
  • Providing a website together with a monitored Internet bulletin board for use of its members
  • Providing a public access website that includes (among other things) a directory of all members of the NCPAC
NCPAC is a proud sponsor of The AppraisalFoundation.org
Copyright © 2002 Professional Appraisers Coalition, Inc. | Contact: 2664 Timber Drive #337 Garner, NC 27529 (919) 710-3927

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